wild-anthem-of-succes asked: i love love love your work. sorry for the gushing - but keep it up :)

Gush away! haha, 
seriously thanks so much for the message. Glad to hear you love my work! You’ve got a cool blog going by the way xx

slumpy-love asked: Such a massive fan of your work, You're such a talent!

Thank you so much! :D It makes my day hearing this from other creatives alike. p.s I like your typographic quotes and sketches on your blog, keep it up!

julialite-deactivated20140421 asked: Hi, first of all let me just say that I love your page! Your artwork is fantastic! What type of watercolors do you use? They seem so vibrant and bold. :) thanks, julialite

Hi Julialite , it’s so lovely to hear from you. It’s messages like these that keep me drawing and creating! At the moment I mainly use inks (which is what creates that strong vibrant colour) and the brand i use is called Artist Spectrum (pigmented ink). I rarely dilute them with water, but rather just mix them directly to create string colours. I mainly use water just to merge colours on the paper and create cool effects. For Watercolours though I’m currently using just a cheap set I have leftover form highschool. Glad to hear you like my work, and thanks for the question :)